The easiest way to discover local shows using artists in your Rdio collection.

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“Brilliant. I always miss shows purely because I didn’t know the artists were actually playing. Setlist happens to solve that problem using two of my favorite services.”

  1. Personalized content

    By linking your Rdio account to Setlist, we’re able to show you if artists in your collection are playing near you.

  2. Add multiple locations

    Find yourself on the road? By adding multiple cities, you'll be able to track concerts wherever you end up.

  3. Check ticket information

    Want more details on a show? Thanks to our Songkick integration, you're able to check out ticket prices, venue info and all the opening acts.

  4. Share with your friends

    Concerts are always more fun with friends. Let them know of upcoming shows with Facebook, Twitter or email.

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